International Affairs strives to become a leader in the field of international education and support a spirit of discovery that leads to transformative global learning opportunities and cross-cultural understanding.


International Affairs leads, coordinates, and supports comprehensive campus internationalization with the ultimate goal to prepare globally competent graduates.  In doing so, the office:

  •  Embraces an understanding and sharing of world cultures and perspectives;

  •  Leads best-practice efforts in internationalization in support of institutional goals;

  •  Offers a range of opportunities abroad in order to advance knowledge through a commitment to the importance of understanding other cultures;

  •  Advocates for and supports international students and scholars on campus;

  •  Collaborates with faculty, staff, and community members to further international scholarship, research, and learning;

  •  Supports the integration of global learning opportunities in and out of the classroom that support understanding and an appreciation of the world;

  •  Is committed to student success through support, best-practices, advising, and programming.