Faculty-Staff Directed Programs


Faculty-Staff Directed Programs

The materials are provided as a resource for any new and continuing faculty and staff interested in leading a Faculty and Staff-Directed short-term program abroad. Please review the handbook below and connect early in your planning process.  The planning process takes at least 12-15 months and materials are due April 1 in order to offer the program the following winter/spring/summer.

1. The Faculty and Staff-Directed Programming Abroad Handbook and Proposal Form: The Faculty and Staff-Directed Programming Abroad Handbook provides a comprehensive overview as well as the required forms for the faculty and staff-directed process at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. This handbook was updated Feb. 2022 and is a resource for all new and continuing program leaders. All leaders are encouraged to connect with colleagues in International Affairs early in their planning process. Contents include:


2. Policy, Procedures, and Guidance: Please review the policy, procedures, and guidance below if you are leading or planning to lead a student international travel experience:


3. Faculty and Staff-Directed Program Leader Pre-Departure and The Faculty/Staff Directed Abroad Emergency Plan Guide and Worksheet: The Faculty/Staff Directed Abroad Emergency Plan Guide and Worksheet is due prior to your departure.  It is due after your program is approved, your student recruitment is complete, and your program is going.  Please note that in addition to the completed materials for the emergency plan, all program leaders are required to attend the faculty pre-departure with university risk managers.  This meeting will be scheduled with you via International Affairs 1-3 months prior to your program departure.

Please contact us at 719-255-5018 to schedule a meeting or email international@uccs.edu.