Tax Information for International Students


Tax Information for International Students

This webpage provides general information to assist you with tax questions. Please note that the staff in the Office of International Affairs are not tax experts. Please direct all questions to the proper tax professional.

Do I need to file taxes?

If you were in the United States at any time last year, even if you did not earn any income, you are responsible for completing specific tax forms and submitting them to the IRS.

  • No income earned last year: complete and submit IRS form 8843. Complete the top portion, part I, part III, then print and sign the document and mail to the address listed on the instruction page (3), titled “When and Where to File”.
  • Yes, income was earned last year: in most cases, you must submit federal and state income taxes along with IRS form 8843.  Please consult your tax professional for assistance with forms and questions.
  • Arrival in the US in January of the current year: no action is needed this year, however, next year you need to submit the required forms.
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